Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Step Better Than the Ipad!

The Future of Technology

1) The holographic laser projection technology is a new technology that introduces the use of projecting, what you would see on a computer monitor, on to any flat surface. This is a much easier way to access the Internet, without having to use a monitor, keyboard, or even a mouse. This great new device is about the size of a canned drink, it comes in various colors, it also can change the size of the projected computer. You could make this computer cover an entire wall or just to project the size of an ipod. Which is why i would encourage anyone wanting a more sufficient computer to buy one!

2) This great new technology is so important due to the fact that the use of computers, Internet, and projection is all becoming used world wide. Everyday people world wide use some type of technology, whether its a cell phone, car, or an ipod. Many people may not know it now, but the world we know today is run by technology. Without technology the world would never keep inventing new technologies, meaning we would be stuck with the same devices, and technologies.

3) Technology affects our culture and how we live. For example now in time when we get home we have to flip the sink, light switch on. In in a very short amount of time we will pull in the drive way walk inside and just have to say turn on the lights and automatically the lights would turn on. Also another way that our culture has come so far with the invention of technology goes all the way back to the first invention of lights. So as you can see for hundreds, even thousands of years our culture has developed so much.

B.) The United States government has grew with the development of technology. In the past years if some one stole money from a bank then they would post Wanted signs all over the town. Now the government just posts a add on the television shows like Walb news, America's most wanted, or even just during commercials. Technology has also helped the Government help lower crime rate as well to catch the past criminals. Satellites allow the United States government to track down criminals using GPS systems. Why? There is some form of GPS system in most cell phones, cars, computers or even ipods.

4.) In the future I believe that the United States will be using computers just like the Holographic Laser Projection Technology. This great new technology will help not only the Government as well as the everyday person. The Holographic Laser Projection technology allows the government to make an ordinary size picture of something or someone to magnify to life like quality. This is beneficial to the police departments, whenever they cannot find a clue on how to find a criminal that might have stole something. The Holographic Laser Projection Technology also helps the common everyday person. For example instead of spending tons of money on gaming systems such as the WII, you can just buy the Holographic Laser Projection Technology. It not only will project the game to life like size, it also tracks your motions to make it just as if you were playing the actual game. Another way one might enjoy this technology is because it is so minute and transportable. It is about the size of a canned drink. After you have gotten your (HLPT) set up on a flat surface, you can then turn it on and treat it like a regular touch screen computer. So as you can see the Holographic Laser Projection Technology is going to be a great success in the future.

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