Friday, August 27, 2010

Where will technology fly next?

Where will technology fly next?

The technology I presented was a new technology called Terrafugia. Terrafugia is a simple convergence of a car and an airplane. This device was engineered from MIT-trained engineers. It can run on the road and can fly in the air. It has many advantages. On the highway, it gets thirty-five miles per gallon. It can transition from car to plan in thirty seconds. It can fit in a regular garage. Terrafugia is planning on selling their technology in 2011. The purchase price is $194,000. With this technology, one could drive to an airstrip and take off into the air without even getting out of the car. This will definitely change the future of transportation. This technology is important, because people will get places quicker. Instead of spending so much money on airline tickets and standing in long security lines, people will be able to transition their car into an airplane in as little as thirty seconds.

Even though there are cars and airplanes now, this technology will still change our culture and the way we live. Transportation is a factor that is important in our society today. This technology can change the convenience of airplanes. In 2011, Terrafugias are hoping to sell cheaper, so more people will be able to afford one. Once more people purchase them, they will become easier to use because there will not be the hassle of finding an airstrip to take off on because more will be built. People will be traveling to further places more because of this convenience also.

Government and politics will definitely be affected by this new device. It will be used for military purposes. It will be much easier because they will not have to be exposed just to change vehicles. They will be able to just drive and fly without becoming open for target. Government and politics personnel can use it to transport people such as the President. It will also be a much cheaper way, because of the gas mileage it gets and instead of owning a plane and many cars, people will just own one. Terrafugia will be a much safer alternative for transportation.

Technology is a quickly changing factor in our lives and it always has been. Today there are many new technologies that some people can not even fathom the idea of it actually happening. Not to mention that people could actually see how it works. There are 3-D TVs that are making people nauseous just to watch. Just by wearing a pair of glasses, it seems that there are objects coming out of the screen towards the watcher. Holography is a big fad now also. People will actually be able to see a person with their real life features just by holography. Newscasters and sports channels will be able to show the occurrence and make it look like they are there or that they are playing on the field with them. There is also a new technology that is 3-D scanning. In airports, security will be able to see everything one has in 3-D which will a lot clearer to see. Inventions for homes are popular now. These inventions are a lot like robots. One can program to have the lights at a certain lighting and the air conditioning at a certain temperature for the exact time when they get home. As anyone can see, technology has come a long way and does not seem to be stopping any time soon.

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