Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A look into the future

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The Future of Technology

1. Bumptop released the new 3d multi-touch desktop that combines the look of a 3d background with your touch screen computer. It lets users organize their files and photos easier, makes folders easier to access, and is an advanced categorizer. It also makes it easier to upload photos to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Its touch screen is more advanced than others because it lets you use more than two fingers while moving something or organizing it. Though it is no longer available for purchase because Google bought it out, it is still a great advancement in touch screen computer technology.

2. This technology is important because it shows that 3d technology is becoming more important in our world, and that it is just not something to watch movies in. It is also more important because it has advanced the “touch” screen world, in the way that you can use more than two fingers when you touch the screen.

3a. It will affect our culture because we will be turning to 3d and holograms soon in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Also, we will be converging more appliances like Bumptop did with their 3d technology, the touch screen technology, and their computers. For instance, sooner or later our walls will have computers projected onto them, and we will have to learn to use the wall as a touch screen computer and maybe even as a television. Our culture will be revolving around the digital world sooner than we know so we have to learn to use appliances like this one to get ready for it.

3b. It will affect government and politics because this will help them in their campaign for

becoming elected. They will have to learn to use these types of computers so that they can reach our voting population so that they can be elected. Facebook and Twitter is easier to access with BumpTop because they are right on your home screen. The candidates will be able to upload pics and send their info out more quickly and to a wider audience faster. Also, they might have to start typing their info about their meeting with other candidates and delegates on the computer.

4. The future will be revolving around computers and bringing the digital world into a reality.We will use computers in about everything including vehicles, TV’s, and many other appliances. The future includes holograms that are already being used at the ESPN studio, flying suits for a person, and motion censored devices like the X-Box project Natal, which allows you to play games without a controller or anything special on. Computers will be used to turn off devices in our homes including lights, computers, and televisions by using the x.10 home control system.
Our television will not be played in just boring, old 2d either. It will be played in the new 3d version, which requires you to wear special glasses to view it. We will also be putting projectors into different devices including phones, like the LG Projector phone, computers, and other electrical devices. We will start using voice activation for computers too. You will be able to talk to the computer and it will do whatever you say or type whatever you say. Our cars will be different in the future. They will converge with another type of vehicle like the Transition by Terrefugia, which converged a car with an airplane.

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