Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Future of Technology

Voice Activation

>My project was over a voice activated system, it is one step closer to the future. Voice Activation is a system that reduces the amount of computer work you have to do. Voice Activation is a system that is voice activated and does is controlled by the sound of your voice. There is many types of voice activation systems, such as voice activated lightening, air condition system, and computer\ technological systems. I researched Dragon Naturally Speaking it is one of the computer\ technological systems. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a system that is speech recognition system.
>What is Dragon Naturally Speaking:

>Dragon Naturally Speaking is a important piece of technology because it is a quicker way for us to type papers, write blogs, and present presentations. It turns your voice into text three times faster than the average person can type. Dragon Naturally Speaking is basically a software that decreases the amount of time that you spend typing. By talking into the microphone the words you say will run through the computer onto your document. Using Dragon Naturally Speaking or any voice activated system you will decrease the amount of time you stress about typing papers or projects and presentations.
>How will it affect our culture:
>Dragon Naturally Speaking will affect our culture by decreasing the time that we spend working on projects, papers, and blogs. It helps us decrease time, and focus on other tasks. It is a speech recognition system that is activated by the sound of your voice. Dragon Naturally Speaking is used worldwide. A lot of people use the computer for office work such as typing and documenting works.Dentistry, Lawyers, >How will it impact our government and politics:
Dragon Naturally Speaking >helps our government and politics; by decreasing the amount of files and paperwork they would have to type. It helps the government and politics by managing their time, and helps them with the office work. >Other Technologies:

>I learned many new things about the new technologies. There are many technologies such as home automation, 3-D Baggage Scanner,and X box 360 Kinect. The home automation system is system that makes your products in your house work by the sound of your voice.It is a system that turns your lights on and off, TV on and off,close and opens doors, and many more things. The 3-D Baggage Scanner is a technology system that gives a 3-D image about the image you are scanning. It is helpful in the airports. The X-Box 360 Kinect is a game system that is activated by the motions you move. There are many more new technology systems that voice activated or motion activated.
>Slide Show Presentation:

Voice activation laken

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