Monday, August 30, 2010

Hannah's View on Augmented Reality Glasses

So easy, even a caveman can do it!

1. I did my presentation on the BMW augmented reality glasses. The glasses were super cool which made me like them the minute I saw the You Tube video. I was super excited for doing this presentation because it showed me what to expect of the future when it comes to glasses. The glasses that are used look like a pair of safety glasses that you would use for a chemistry lab. The trick is that they are not ordinary glasses. They have ear buds and when looking through the glasses it looks like you are looking a computer monitor that is transparent. The glasses help with mechanics who are working on cars. The glasses actually show you what you need to do to fix the car. The glasses also talk to you, and when you want to go to the next step all you have to say is “next step.” This can help when your hands are full and you cant turn the page of the manual you are using or look on the computer for help. The glasses show what is wrong and the problem is fixed within a few minutes just by paying attention to what you are being told to do by the glasses. I hope you enjoy my presentation.
Hannah's BMW Augmented Reality Glasses

Technology Importance!

2. This technology is important because it could be the future of mechanics and repairing vehicles. It could save a lot of time and effort. When repairing a car or truck you have to make sure everything is perfect or the customer will not be happy. That is why the glasses would be a good thing to have.

The Impact on People

3. A) The glasses can impact our culture and how we live in many ways. One thing is that the people could start getting lazy when it comes to fixing the cars because they think it is so easy. The glasses could also put people out of their jobs because the glasses could be used by everyday people making us not need mechanics. Other things are also being made for the future and soon we may not use cars and that would make the glasses a bust for fixing cars. The glasses could affect our culture by making everyone depend on technology for help.

B) The glasses can help with many things but I do not think that it can effect our government and politics. The glasses are used for mechanics. Maybe some members of congress have an engine problem, they would then be able to put the glasses on a fix the problem. Throughout that process they probably would not even get their clothes dirty because they glasses make everything quick and easy. The glasses could also have the same effect for politics. When a person is campaigning and they are driving across the country and suddenly their car stops. The glasses are able to help you fix the car if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

4. I know that in the future there will be many different kinds of technology. When the augmented reality combines with computers there will be a huge difference.There will be more virtual interactions with people while sitting in your own living room. Each of my classmates did a presentation on augmented reality products and each of them showed me what the future should be like. One of the presentations was on a camera that you could try out in you home by using the computer. All you would have to do would be to hold a piece of paper up to the computer and you could try it out by using a virtual camera. This could help when people want to do online shopping. They could try the product out before they buy it. There is also the Bumptop which can help you sort out all of your files in your computer and look at them also. Also, the Mgestyk 3D control would help people who are using the computer. You would be able to control the computer just by doing hand motions. You could even learn how to fly a plane while using this device. This could help people who are in flight school do a real stimulation with the computer.
All of the presentation all feature a new way of augmented reality in the future.

I hope you enjoy my presentation of the new BMW Augmented Reality Glasses. style="width: 425px;" id="__ss_5040036">No More Manuals!

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