Friday, August 27, 2010

The Future of Technology...In the Home

Technology in the home is evolving. We have an image of a super smart homethat responds to the way we live, but also helps us evolve into the future. Many gadgets have been made to make life at home easier. Some of these gadgets include the DoorBell Fon and the Digital Nutrition Scale. The DoorBell Fon gives homeowners a way to answer the door with out going to the door itself. It combines your telephone with your doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, a personalized tone plays and you simply answer the phone to talk to the person at the door. With the Digital Nutrition Scale, you place your selected food item on the scale and it will give you the nutrition information just like the item’s container would.

The Importance...

The importance of these technologies is that improvements in the home are being made. It is not something that we have to wait on to happen. It is happening right now. These simple convergences show us that much bigger ideas can come to life.

How Will It Affect...

The future of technology in general will affect our culture and how we live in a positive way. We as humans are always out on the prowl for the next greatest thing in life. With
convergence, we have the opportunity to create things that make life easier and fun. Our culture will become more and more dependent on the technologies that we create to replace the old way of life. We will be broadened, in that we will have connections with the world. Our way of life is not going to poof over night, but it is being altered as we speak. Slowly but surely we are shaping the ways of tomorrow.

The Impact on the Government and Politics...

The impact on the government will be big. All areas of our government will have to alter rules and laws. The new technologies coming into being, are changing the way we live, which ultimately changes the way our law enforcers live. They will also need new technologies so that they will be able to keep up with the citizens of our changing world. Politics is another area that will be affected. Campaigns and businesses will compete with the latest and greatest of technologies so that they can be the ones on top. The way that politics are will be changed as well. The whole political dynamic will have to converge with the changing planet. We can see these changes happening everyday. The government will have to be in the know or mayhem may occur.

Our Interaction with Computers...

Interaction with our laptops and computers has been around from the beginning. For instance, gaming systems are changing to allow the gamer to be the controller. Programs like this include the XBOX 360 Kinect. With this gaming system you become the controller and can move about in an open area to play as yourself in the game itself. Another major part of the way we use our computer and other devices is the use of Virtual Reality. Examples of virtual reality are being used for advertisement purposes. Olympus has a way for you to try out their cameras by simply printing out a picture of the camera and placing it in front of your webcam. It then allows you to take pictures and video just like you would with the actual camera. Other ways virtual reality is coming more into our life is with QR Codes. Basically these barcode-like patterns link you to websites that pertain to the advertisement or program the code is attached to. These are mainly found in magazines and catalogs. Technology will take us as far as we are willing to take risks and work out the kinks to make them the better than they can be. Our interaction with computers will eventually become a part of everything we do. Even the simple daily tasks will have be connected to our computer.

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