Monday, August 30, 2010

The Future of Technology

My Technology

The technology that did my slide share on was the >3-D baggage scanners\ . What this technology does is it lets the security guards at airports and such be able to see a 3-D image of the bag that they are scanning instead of just seeing a flat view. Also it will let them interact with the picture on the computer monitor by rotating the picture and being able to look at it from different angles. This is a simpler technology that is being invented but it will help with security purposes. This technology will become very useful in everyday use. There are many ways that this technology is important. One way that it is important is that it will help with people carrying on weapons on an airplane. This way they have a better view of the bag and can rotate it so they can see every nook and cranny to make sure it is safe.
The way it impacts out life
There are many ways that the 3-D baggage scanner will impact our culture and how we live. One way that it will impact us is that it will make it more safe to travel on airplanes. The reason for this is that the scanners will be able to catch more objects such as pistols and knifes, and by this it will make it safer for us to travel. Also another way that it will impact us is that we wont have to worry about the scanners putting something on the screen that looks like a weapon. This way, they will get a 3-D view of the bag and will recognize that it is not a weapon and move on.
The way it impacts the government
The Government and politics will also be effected by this in at least a few ways. One way is that a plane will be hijacked if they cannot get any weapons onto the plane. So then the government official buildings like the white house or the pentagon will not be threatened. If this does not happen then the government officials will not have to worry and stress about another plane getting hijacked and blowing up another few buildings. Also, it will ensure for travelers to be sure that when they get on a plane that they are not sitting beside a person with a bomb on his chest about to blow up that plane.
Augmented reality
There are going to be many ways that you are going to and will have to react to computers. One way is the new Xbox 360 kinect. This is kind of like the nintendo wii, but their are a few differences. One difference is that on the Wii you have to hold a controller, but on the Xbox 360 kinect you do not have to hold on to anything it just picks up your body movements. Also, if someone else wants to play they can walk up beside you for a few seconds and then the screen will split and they will pop up on the screen and they can play with you. Another one is the holographic laser projection technology. This combines a keyboard, a computer, and a projector all into one. This allows you to be able to carry a laptop in your pocket and when you want to you can just pop it out and set it on a flat surface and type on a computer. By having this you will not have to have a big bulky laptop with you, you can just carry a holographic projection system and it will do the same exact thing.

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