Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flying to the Future

The Future of Technology

My technology presentation was about a new flying machine being created by

NASA. It is a one person flying suit nicknamed the puffin. This flying suit is
combining the technology of an airplane and a jet pack. the suit will be powered
and fly similar to how airplanes fly. It is designed to be powered by electric motors
so it will be quiet and efficient. the flying suit will most likely be used for military and rescue purposes. This suit was designed by and introduced by Mark D. Moore, a worker at the Langley Air force Base. The suit will be 12 feet in length and a total wingspan of 14 feet. It will weigh about 300 pounds.

This technology is important because it can improve transportation and rescue methods. the flying machine will first be used for rescue and military purposes, which will save a lot of lives. It will improve transportation because it will cause less traffic and easier transportation.

This technology will impact us in many different ways. It will impact our culture because instead of cars people will be flying from one place to another instead of driving. it will change how we live because traveling will be a lot easier. people will not have to pay as much money for gas. this creation will ultimately lead us into more advanced flying machines such as ones that can carry more than one person. because of this invention, we will be lead into a world of flying instead of driving. it will ultimately impact the government and how they work.

This invention will impact the government in many different ways. One way is that thee government will start using these machines for more dangerous reasons, which will save a lot of peoples lives. It will change how government officials use transportation, so they are able to get to important events quicker. Ultimately the government will figure out how to use these flying machines to be able to help the government and make it run smoother. It will allow guards and secret service to protect government officials because of the Puffin. It could help with video surveillance. It would affect everyone including the government.

In the future I predict that this machine will eventually wipe out cars and change every

ones method of transportation. it will lead us into the flying age, where everybody will be flying in these machines instead of driving cars. their will be bigger flying machines that can hold either 2 or 50 people. airplanes will be vastly changed because of the way they are powered. it will save gas and help the environment. airplanes will start to be self operated instead of having a pilot. these machines will also start to have GPS systems in them. in they will also have televisions in them and maybe even computers. these machines will change how everything is done and will eventually lead us into different varieties of flying machines. it will change military uses. instead of sending soldiers on dangerous missions they will send the Puffin. it will change medical uses, it will allow ambulances to be faster which will save lives. it will increase law enforce. the Puffin will ultimately involve 3D, but that is far from being created. the Puffin will help every bodies daily lives, by allowing people to get to places faster . It will help safety because their will not be any automobile accidents.

Watch the NASA flying suit video

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