Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mgestyk Technology, it's awesome.(:

Mgestyk Technology, it's awesome.(:

Mgestyk (pronounced majestic) is a gesture based device that combines an affordable 3-D camera with a powerful software for hand gesture language processing. The camera captures small hand movements and transfers them into commands that control pretty much any Windows application. It also works without having to hold a remote or wear any special gloves. This software works for the simplest things like moving a mouse cursor or complicated things, like two-handed gestures for a Flight Simulator. The camera doesn’t detect anything behind a certain depth, so your annoying younger sibling doesn’t mess up what you are doing if they run behind you. This technology is practical, because it is easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about using a mouse!

This technology is important for many things on the computer. Because you don’t have to use a mouse, people can practice things that use certain hand gestures, such as, a flight simulator. It could also be used as a form of drivers ed. You could “drive” the simulated car, and practice certain things you need to get your license.

Any new technology can affect our culture and how we live. For example, when computers became popular not very many people had one in their home. Now, a majority of the population have more than one computer in their home. When cell phones first were created, they were mainly used for military purposes, but now even seven year old children have their own cell phone! As you can see, new technologies are very important to the changing culture. So, how will the Mgestyk change our way of life? Maybe, there will be no more computer mouses, because everyone will just use their hands. Computer programs might change to work with this software. It won’t be long before we found out how different our computers will be.

The Mgestyk may affect the political world, also. Voting booths may start using this software. Is this a good thing or a bad thing though? If you accidentally move your hand to the wrong spot, or if and older person that is unfamiliar with technology uses this, the wrong vote may be cast and the election could be thrown off by this. Candidates in an election may use this to campaign, too. They could have interactive websites that you would need this software to use. An older candidate may not know how to use this, which could affect him in the election. With the way technology is growing, there is not telling how the political world may be in a few years.

In the future, the Mgestyk could be so advanced that we would use a similar software for almost everything that we do. Not only would we use this for a computer mouse, but we might even use it for every day things. Instead of going to school every day, you could use this for an interactive virtual school. For science, you may dissect a frog using hand motions on the computer. In a home EC class, you would bake a cake in the virtual oven, by doing all the steps using certain motions. There may possibly even be a PE class where the software detects the motions of your whole body. Not only could this be used for school, but for jobs, also. An engineer could fix a car by doing motions that would transfer into motions a robot would do. A baker may do the motions to make a cake that would also transfer them to a robot. Maybe, the Mgestyk could get so far advanced that we could somehow use it to brush our teeth, or flush the toilet. Things that we do everyday with our hands, may someday be done by simple hand gestures. The effects of this may not be all good, though. By just doing small gestures to do virtually anything, could increase obesity and cause people to be very unhealthy. Children may not want to go out side and play anymore, but rather play with their computer inside. The effects of the Mgestyk maybe life changing, but it may not be life changing in a good way. Gesture Base Device: Savannah J. 2
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