Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Future, Hologram or Not?

The technology that I explained in my presentation was the use of holographic imagery on ESPN. The use of this technology is going to be very useful in the future. Interviews with people will be a lot easier. They will not have to go to the studio more than likely, all they would have to do would be videoed once and it could be hologramed out and no matter how many times they needed to be interviewed they could use the single hologram. The use of this is greatly increasing the quality of shows such as ESPN. Being able to see players run the play actually in the studio makes it a lot more understandable and easy to see than just showing a regular replay. This innovative format of entertainment has been greatly improved over the past year and it seems that it will keep progressing until the holograms look as real as actually having the person in the studio.

Simpler TV

This technology would be useful for older people that are interested in sports and such. it might be easier for them to see the play if it is hologramed out and broken down by the sports telecasters verses just seeing a simple replay. Eventually all of these replays will be converted to this 3D holographic method.

Affecting our lives

This technology will greatly affect our lives and how we live. Simple jobs such as the check out person at Walmart could be a hologram. Famous speakers who wanted to speak to different people would not have to travel to all the places that they wanted to talk they could just send a hologram to the place they wanted to talk. Newscasters on television could use these holograms if say they were sick they could just make a hologram of that days news and they would not have to bring in someone to fill in for them like they have to do now. It would make there lives easier.

In the political world holograms could greatly impact the way they do things also. In the political world such as in elections, people go out and try to promote there running. If they had holograms, instead of sticking signs in the ground in all the places they can get to they could send holograms to be played in all of the towns where they were trying to earn votes. They could reach a wider audience therefore bringing in more votes to there campaign. In big meetings that are held in our country, if one of our famous political leaders can not make it and needs to some how attend this meeting, they could have a hologram of him wired to wherever this individual may be. The person would still be at the meeting, just in holographic form.

Gestures, and your computer

The future of interacting with computers is growing very rapidly, most of the future of the computer looks as if it will be done using the hands and motions, not via a mouse. Whether you will be wearing gloves, such as the MIT Clown Gloves, or if you do everything without gloves, such as the Xbox Kinect method, you will still be interacting with the computer through body motions. I believe that the first stage of that coming into modern day society is Bumptop for computers. The future of gesture based computing is looking very bright, all of the technology for this is going to be very advanced. The future of the computer monitor I think will soon move in the way that the 3D TVs are moving and I think that this technology will soon move to computers. This 3D computer should have a more real look and feel. It would make you feel as if you were in the website that you are exploring. Some innovations such as these are making the computer more advanced and they are making it more and more natural to use. Working the computer is now like second nature to a lot of the population. When we fully move to gesture based computing this group of people will increase more and more. The future may not be so far into the future after all. indeed.

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