Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The New Way of Gaming

My presentation was on the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is a new technology released by Microsoft. Kinect allows you to play games on the Xbox without any controllers. It senses your motions and you character on the screen does the same. Say if you were playing a fighting game, you would actually have to kick and punch to fight the guy on the screen. Kinect also has a camera inside, so when you are playing, it will take action shots, and you can also have a live chat with other friends that have Kinect. This is a major upgrade from the Wii and will be more popular.

This technology is important, because it will change the way of gaming. Instead of sitting on the couch and just using your fingers to mash buttons, you have to get up and be the character. Like in the game “Kinect Sports.” This will keep people in better shape and help them not be so lazy.

Kinect will impact the culture and the way we live by making people get up and get active and not be so lazy. It will also be a better way of communicating with others. It could also be used for education. If someone was sick, then they could turn there Kinect on and still be able to learn. That involves schools to get them into their classrooms. This could also be put in classrooms, so that schools can communicate with each other. For instance, if there was a class in the United States and a class in China, they could talk to each other and see the way that people learn in other countries.

Kinect can also be used for government and politics. They could have a Kinect hooked up to the TV, making it look like a gaming console, but it actually be a security camera. It could also be used as a practice for public announcements, so they do not mess up in front of the country.

By listening to presentations about gesture based computing, I think that the world will be very different in the upcoming years. Everyone will be using gesture based computing in there homes, work places, and as protection devices. With the “Home Automation” system you can be anywhere and cut off a light, lock the doors, and let people inside when you cant get to your house right away. Gaming will be different with the Xbox Kinect and games like "Kinect Sports". There is also a technology that you wear gloves and it tells you what to do with that item. This technology is called MIT “Clown Gloves”. There are also new ways of transportation. It is called Terrafugia. This is a vehicle that looks like something out of a James Bonds movie. It is a mix between a car and a plane. It is more fuel efficient and twice as fast as a normal car. This will be the transportation in the future. In the next few years, our lives will change, using the new technologies that we never thought were possible.

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