Monday, August 30, 2010

The Future of Technology! By:Brooke

Today, technology is playing a large roll in our society. We may not realize it, but new technologies are arriving everyday. For example, “Home Automation” is a significantly advanced technology. Home automation is a combination of a computer in your house, either to perform as a lighting system, air conditioner unit, or maybe even a music system. The home automation system might even take your phone calls, or work as a security system. This device may be used as a comfort system, because it is able to control lighting system based on occupancy and illuminance level. It saves energy by being easy to install, (thanks to wireless communication.) It may be used as a computer device since it is able to switch lights on and off, to make people assume that someone is home.

Why is this technology important?

Home automation is significant, because it changes the entire way our society works. For many years, families had to have a “home maker,” or someone to help keep the house running. Since we have “home automation,” we do not need a person staying at home. This technology may change many lives. Mothers may be able to go to work, and help provide more financial support, rather than having to stay home, or hire someone. Home automation is able to take care of most of the family needs. Home automation may change the way we live forever.

How will it impact culture and how we live?

This technology may impact our culture in many ways. For instance, people did not always have the chance to take care of the house, but now homes are able to take care of things themselves. Home automation is such an impact on our culture, since we are used to having to worry about our homes being robbed, but now, home automation is able to be used as a security system. I believe home automation will prevent many robberies and such.

How will it impact government and politics?

Home automation may impact our government in many ways. For instance, the government would probably be satisfied with not having to worry as much about home security systems. Since home automation may be used as a security system, the government may recommend every home to have the home automation system, since it benefits families in many ways.
By gathering information on many technological advances, I have realized that technology may change our lives in many ways. For example, if we all used the home automation system, we would have completely different housing systems. Home automation will benefit us in many ways. For instance home automation may control lighting systems, music, air conditioning and much more. Also, learning about other technologies such as the ipad,” I have learned that so many advances are appearing in our society everyday. The ipad is a significant change, since it is very thin, wireless, and does everything a computer does, and more! Also, the “Dragon Naturally Speaking,” is a completely technologically advanced product! It amazing that this technology is able to understand what a human is saying, and transform it to words on a computer. Many more technologies are occurring everyday. Technology is one of the reasons our society is changing everyday. We take for granted, that our world is technologically advanced.

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