Monday, August 30, 2010

x.10? What is this world coming to?


I researched the x.10. It was an amazing product, and it is a good example of where our future is headed. With the x.10 you can turn lights off, turn lights on, dim lights, turn fans, TVs, and basically anything electronic in your house on and off with out even moving. You just talk to your computer and it does it for you. You can also set your computer to things off a certain times. This is a great way to save energy and money. Also you don’t have to get out of bed and turn the lights off or the fan on or off, you can just tell the computer to do it, and stay in your comfortable position!! The x.10 is just one of the great new technological advances in our world.

The x.10 is very important now days because the majority of the people in our world live in poverty. The x.10 can help you save money. It can cut down your power bill dramatically. So many people are short of money and many people are cutting down on many things to save money. The x.10 would help with this tremendously. The x.10 could have a great impact on our future.

How will it impact:

A)Culture and How we live?
The x.10 will impact our lives greatly, especially money wise. We will save energy which means it cuts back on your power bill. This will also save the environment by saving energy, and our world is all about going green now. This would be great for saving money and going green.


The x.10 will affect the government, I believe majorly. They will not like it because their money will be cut short. The power bills will be lower so people are not paying as much. Even though the government might get cut short on money as a whole it will help our society very much. There are always going to be disadvantages and advantages, but in this situation there are more advantages than disadvantages.

What I learned from my presentation
I learned very much from my presentation and researching the x.10. I learned the our future is changing dramatically and very fast. Before we know we it books will not even exist any more. It will be all computers and phones. The x.10 is just a baby step in to our future!!

Future of interacting with computers
I believe that in the near future everything will be run by computers. The x.10 is a great example of where our future is headed. If you can tell a computer to turn lights and other electronics on and off now, think about what we will be able to do in the near future. Soon there will be no remotes, no phones, and no ipods. All these things will be all in one. Instead of having a camera, a phone, and an ipod in your purse or pocket you will only have to carry is one electronic, and it will be everything in one. Not to mention you probably will not have to carry a laptop around either. That will be part of that one electronic device.

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