Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MIT Clown Gloves

MIT clown gloves

1. These clown gloves may look fancy, but actually there just regular gloves. they are completely useless without a camera the camera runs a hi tech program that can be used in a virtual reality program.and if you watch the video in my slide show. it demonstrates that they can also be used in everyday life to avoid painful mistakes or “awkward moments on the dance floor”. These gloves are the first motion sensing technology that doesn’t have sensors on your hands. the draw back to these gloves is that the camera must always have a clear line of sight to the gloves. Which implies that in the future there will be cameras in every room. a system like this can be used to help avoid everyday mistakes in life.


2. This technology is important because simple mistakes that people make everyday can be avoided to make our quality of life better. With motion tracking technology such as these gloves. Life as we know it will change in the near future.
3. A)Life as we know it will change. Humans will wear gloves like these or have microchips or tattoos on their hands that will let cameras know who is doing what and making documentation of what each person is doing. That way the computer can correct them through a speaker in the ear. This is borderline madness as the computer will (and already does) control our lives. The system could possible be hacked to. and resulting mayhem wood occur if the computer started giving out false instructions. I predict these things to eventually happen, But for right now I don’t think America has the technology funding or cooperation.
B) While the computer documents all actions, it also provides info the the police and the government if any crime is committed. With cameras everywhere that pick up the gloves/tattoo/microchips there will be no were to run or hide in America.as a result people will commit less crimes and resist getting a microchip in there hands that can be tracked. Something about human nature always wants to be free and independent. Riots wood result from a law forcing people to get a tracking/documenting device. So i predict a system of this type wood be strictly voluntary.

4. I learned that the Bumptop is the future of touch screen computing. with its classy and fancy look and endless amount of uses, the Bumptop should catch on very quickly for those that can afford it. the Xbox Kinect ‘is the future of gaming. similar to the Wii in that it tracts your motion on the video game. but the Xbox Kinect does not Require sensors on your hand. it tracts your hand motions with a high tech camera. the future of TV is in holographs. Its not 3d TV its better. Its its a pop up lifelike image in your room. The air port baggage check is very frustrating. they often open the bag and search it but with Transition by Terrafugia, are the future of transportation. It is basically a road-able aircraft. with these type of vehicles traffic jams will become far less frequent, but air collisions may result. Head mounted displays are being used to help less trained BMW mechanics fix BMW cars with amazing precision. The glasses give step by step instructions to all procedures need to fix the car

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