Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The New Way of Gaming

My presentation was on the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is a new technology released by Microsoft. Kinect allows you to play games on the Xbox without any controllers. It senses your motions and you character on the screen does the same. Say if you were playing a fighting game, you would actually have to kick and punch to fight the guy on the screen. Kinect also has a camera inside, so when you are playing, it will take action shots, and you can also have a live chat with other friends that have Kinect. This is a major upgrade from the Wii and will be more popular.

This technology is important, because it will change the way of gaming. Instead of sitting on the couch and just using your fingers to mash buttons, you have to get up and be the character. Like in the game “Kinect Sports.” This will keep people in better shape and help them not be so lazy.

Kinect will impact the culture and the way we live by making people get up and get active and not be so lazy. It will also be a better way of communicating with others. It could also be used for education. If someone was sick, then they could turn there Kinect on and still be able to learn. That involves schools to get them into their classrooms. This could also be put in classrooms, so that schools can communicate with each other. For instance, if there was a class in the United States and a class in China, they could talk to each other and see the way that people learn in other countries.

Kinect can also be used for government and politics. They could have a Kinect hooked up to the TV, making it look like a gaming console, but it actually be a security camera. It could also be used as a practice for public announcements, so they do not mess up in front of the country.

By listening to presentations about gesture based computing, I think that the world will be very different in the upcoming years. Everyone will be using gesture based computing in there homes, work places, and as protection devices. With the “Home Automation” system you can be anywhere and cut off a light, lock the doors, and let people inside when you cant get to your house right away. Gaming will be different with the Xbox Kinect and games like "Kinect Sports". There is also a technology that you wear gloves and it tells you what to do with that item. This technology is called MIT “Clown Gloves”. There are also new ways of transportation. It is called Terrafugia. This is a vehicle that looks like something out of a James Bonds movie. It is a mix between a car and a plane. It is more fuel efficient and twice as fast as a normal car. This will be the transportation in the future. In the next few years, our lives will change, using the new technologies that we never thought were possible.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Step Better Than the Ipad!

The Future of Technology

1) The holographic laser projection technology is a new technology that introduces the use of projecting, what you would see on a computer monitor, on to any flat surface. This is a much easier way to access the Internet, without having to use a monitor, keyboard, or even a mouse. This great new device is about the size of a canned drink, it comes in various colors, it also can change the size of the projected computer. You could make this computer cover an entire wall or just to project the size of an ipod. Which is why i would encourage anyone wanting a more sufficient computer to buy one!

2) This great new technology is so important due to the fact that the use of computers, Internet, and projection is all becoming used world wide. Everyday people world wide use some type of technology, whether its a cell phone, car, or an ipod. Many people may not know it now, but the world we know today is run by technology. Without technology the world would never keep inventing new technologies, meaning we would be stuck with the same devices, and technologies.

3) Technology affects our culture and how we live. For example now in time when we get home we have to flip the sink, light switch on. In in a very short amount of time we will pull in the drive way walk inside and just have to say turn on the lights and automatically the lights would turn on. Also another way that our culture has come so far with the invention of technology goes all the way back to the first invention of lights. So as you can see for hundreds, even thousands of years our culture has developed so much.

B.) The United States government has grew with the development of technology. In the past years if some one stole money from a bank then they would post Wanted signs all over the town. Now the government just posts a add on the television shows like Walb news, America's most wanted, or even just during commercials. Technology has also helped the Government help lower crime rate as well to catch the past criminals. Satellites allow the United States government to track down criminals using GPS systems. Why? There is some form of GPS system in most cell phones, cars, computers or even ipods.

4.) In the future I believe that the United States will be using computers just like the Holographic Laser Projection Technology. This great new technology will help not only the Government as well as the everyday person. The Holographic Laser Projection technology allows the government to make an ordinary size picture of something or someone to magnify to life like quality. This is beneficial to the police departments, whenever they cannot find a clue on how to find a criminal that might have stole something. The Holographic Laser Projection Technology also helps the common everyday person. For example instead of spending tons of money on gaming systems such as the WII, you can just buy the Holographic Laser Projection Technology. It not only will project the game to life like size, it also tracks your motions to make it just as if you were playing the actual game. Another way one might enjoy this technology is because it is so minute and transportable. It is about the size of a canned drink. After you have gotten your (HLPT) set up on a flat surface, you can then turn it on and treat it like a regular touch screen computer. So as you can see the Holographic Laser Projection Technology is going to be a great success in the future.

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Flying to the Future

The Future of Technology

My technology presentation was about a new flying machine being created by

NASA. It is a one person flying suit nicknamed the puffin. This flying suit is
combining the technology of an airplane and a jet pack. the suit will be powered
and fly similar to how airplanes fly. It is designed to be powered by electric motors
so it will be quiet and efficient. the flying suit will most likely be used for military and rescue purposes. This suit was designed by and introduced by Mark D. Moore, a worker at the Langley Air force Base. The suit will be 12 feet in length and a total wingspan of 14 feet. It will weigh about 300 pounds.

This technology is important because it can improve transportation and rescue methods. the flying machine will first be used for rescue and military purposes, which will save a lot of lives. It will improve transportation because it will cause less traffic and easier transportation.

This technology will impact us in many different ways. It will impact our culture because instead of cars people will be flying from one place to another instead of driving. it will change how we live because traveling will be a lot easier. people will not have to pay as much money for gas. this creation will ultimately lead us into more advanced flying machines such as ones that can carry more than one person. because of this invention, we will be lead into a world of flying instead of driving. it will ultimately impact the government and how they work.

This invention will impact the government in many different ways. One way is that thee government will start using these machines for more dangerous reasons, which will save a lot of peoples lives. It will change how government officials use transportation, so they are able to get to important events quicker. Ultimately the government will figure out how to use these flying machines to be able to help the government and make it run smoother. It will allow guards and secret service to protect government officials because of the Puffin. It could help with video surveillance. It would affect everyone including the government.

In the future I predict that this machine will eventually wipe out cars and change every

ones method of transportation. it will lead us into the flying age, where everybody will be flying in these machines instead of driving cars. their will be bigger flying machines that can hold either 2 or 50 people. airplanes will be vastly changed because of the way they are powered. it will save gas and help the environment. airplanes will start to be self operated instead of having a pilot. these machines will also start to have GPS systems in them. in they will also have televisions in them and maybe even computers. these machines will change how everything is done and will eventually lead us into different varieties of flying machines. it will change military uses. instead of sending soldiers on dangerous missions they will send the Puffin. it will change medical uses, it will allow ambulances to be faster which will save lives. it will increase law enforce. the Puffin will ultimately involve 3D, but that is far from being created. the Puffin will help every bodies daily lives, by allowing people to get to places faster . It will help safety because their will not be any automobile accidents.

Watch the NASA flying suit video

MIT Clown Gloves

MIT clown gloves

1. These clown gloves may look fancy, but actually there just regular gloves. they are completely useless without a camera the camera runs a hi tech program that can be used in a virtual reality program.and if you watch the video in my slide show. it demonstrates that they can also be used in everyday life to avoid painful mistakes or “awkward moments on the dance floor”. These gloves are the first motion sensing technology that doesn’t have sensors on your hands. the draw back to these gloves is that the camera must always have a clear line of sight to the gloves. Which implies that in the future there will be cameras in every room. a system like this can be used to help avoid everyday mistakes in life.


2. This technology is important because simple mistakes that people make everyday can be avoided to make our quality of life better. With motion tracking technology such as these gloves. Life as we know it will change in the near future.
3. A)Life as we know it will change. Humans will wear gloves like these or have microchips or tattoos on their hands that will let cameras know who is doing what and making documentation of what each person is doing. That way the computer can correct them through a speaker in the ear. This is borderline madness as the computer will (and already does) control our lives. The system could possible be hacked to. and resulting mayhem wood occur if the computer started giving out false instructions. I predict these things to eventually happen, But for right now I don’t think America has the technology funding or cooperation.
B) While the computer documents all actions, it also provides info the the police and the government if any crime is committed. With cameras everywhere that pick up the gloves/tattoo/microchips there will be no were to run or hide in a result people will commit less crimes and resist getting a microchip in there hands that can be tracked. Something about human nature always wants to be free and independent. Riots wood result from a law forcing people to get a tracking/documenting device. So i predict a system of this type wood be strictly voluntary.

4. I learned that the Bumptop is the future of touch screen computing. with its classy and fancy look and endless amount of uses, the Bumptop should catch on very quickly for those that can afford it. the Xbox Kinect ‘is the future of gaming. similar to the Wii in that it tracts your motion on the video game. but the Xbox Kinect does not Require sensors on your hand. it tracts your hand motions with a high tech camera. the future of TV is in holographs. Its not 3d TV its better. Its its a pop up lifelike image in your room. The air port baggage check is very frustrating. they often open the bag and search it but with Transition by Terrafugia, are the future of transportation. It is basically a road-able aircraft. with these type of vehicles traffic jams will become far less frequent, but air collisions may result. Head mounted displays are being used to help less trained BMW mechanics fix BMW cars with amazing precision. The glasses give step by step instructions to all procedures need to fix the car

A look into the future

Class Blog TechnoCat Teens

The Future of Technology

1. Bumptop released the new 3d multi-touch desktop that combines the look of a 3d background with your touch screen computer. It lets users organize their files and photos easier, makes folders easier to access, and is an advanced categorizer. It also makes it easier to upload photos to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Its touch screen is more advanced than others because it lets you use more than two fingers while moving something or organizing it. Though it is no longer available for purchase because Google bought it out, it is still a great advancement in touch screen computer technology.

2. This technology is important because it shows that 3d technology is becoming more important in our world, and that it is just not something to watch movies in. It is also more important because it has advanced the “touch” screen world, in the way that you can use more than two fingers when you touch the screen.

3a. It will affect our culture because we will be turning to 3d and holograms soon in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Also, we will be converging more appliances like Bumptop did with their 3d technology, the touch screen technology, and their computers. For instance, sooner or later our walls will have computers projected onto them, and we will have to learn to use the wall as a touch screen computer and maybe even as a television. Our culture will be revolving around the digital world sooner than we know so we have to learn to use appliances like this one to get ready for it.

3b. It will affect government and politics because this will help them in their campaign for

becoming elected. They will have to learn to use these types of computers so that they can reach our voting population so that they can be elected. Facebook and Twitter is easier to access with BumpTop because they are right on your home screen. The candidates will be able to upload pics and send their info out more quickly and to a wider audience faster. Also, they might have to start typing their info about their meeting with other candidates and delegates on the computer.

4. The future will be revolving around computers and bringing the digital world into a reality.We will use computers in about everything including vehicles, TV’s, and many other appliances. The future includes holograms that are already being used at the ESPN studio, flying suits for a person, and motion censored devices like the X-Box project Natal, which allows you to play games without a controller or anything special on. Computers will be used to turn off devices in our homes including lights, computers, and televisions by using the x.10 home control system.
Our television will not be played in just boring, old 2d either. It will be played in the new 3d version, which requires you to wear special glasses to view it. We will also be putting projectors into different devices including phones, like the LG Projector phone, computers, and other electrical devices. We will start using voice activation for computers too. You will be able to talk to the computer and it will do whatever you say or type whatever you say. Our cars will be different in the future. They will converge with another type of vehicle like the Transition by Terrefugia, which converged a car with an airplane.

Augmented Reality: The Future. Now.

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Technology: No Longer Just Your Computer
Technology is no longer simply on your computer. Augmented Reality is the combination of concrete reality with the virtual world. With the advances in augmented reality you can now take pictures wit just your fingers! This augmented reality camera is a convergence of many technologies illustrated in the above video. AR is so advanced that, in the near future, cameras will be a thing of the past because, all a you will need is your hands to take stunning pictures and upload them to your favorite social sites, or even upload home videos to AR is truly the future of technology, but is already happening as well!

AR: Impacting Our Culture
AR Technology will change the future of our world. The ability to use technology to do anything, anywhere is what AR is all about. AR prevents people from becoming “a machine in front of a machine” and allows them to  combine their life on the Internet with reality.
Augmented Reality will forever impact the culture of the entire world. It will connect people like never before and allow them to access the internet anywhere, anytime. Augmented Reality is the future of our culture, because it enables our generation's obsession with sharing our lives through social sites and media.

The Future of Media 
Through a AR camera a person could take a picture any moment in their lives. Imagine being stopped at a red light and, all of sudden, you see your dream car pull up beside you. What was the make and model?! Well, through AR, all you have to do is frame the car with your fingers, taking a picture, which is sent through a wireless router to your home computer. When you get home, you can easily click on the picture and be directed to the company's web site. After you have looked up that Ferrari you can post on your facebook that you are considering buying it... If the price is right. Think this kind of technology is impossible? You would be surprised! MIT graduates have already created a gesture based camera and we already have wireless routers! Seems the future isn't as far off as some would think!
You might remember, a couple of years ago, hearing about "pen cameras" in the Middle East. These were not merely stories. Many people were using these tiny cameras to document police brutality then posting the videos and photos on Because of this, many people found with cameras were persecuted whether they possessed these "pen cameras" or simply needed something to write with. Imagine how easy it would be to make a simple, discreet gesture and capture breaking news anywhere. 
Perhaps this would change the way politicians behave in public, knowing their every moved could be being filmed, without their knowledge. This, however, presents another problem. The current law allows someone to take your photo if you do not ask them to stop, If you didn't know you were being filmed, how could you know to ask the person to stop? AR would definitely have an effect on copyright laws as well as maybe even the creation of new laws as well.

Gesture Based AR Is the Future  

This past week, each person in our class found a piece of new or emerging technology that realizes the convergence of several other kinds of technology. They described what technologies all combined to create their gadget. The most common theme of all in these presentations was gesture based computing. I believe this is a huge step in the technological age. 
First it was screens and keyboards, then touch screens, and now with AR neither is needed! To be able to combine our natural life with our social sights and media is amazing. Through the presentations I have learned that not only is gesture based AR an incredible possibility it is occurring right now! AR is no longer a "hopefully", it is a "definitely." 
Our country needs to foresee future problems that gesture based AR could bring up and create laws accordingly, before it becomes a problem. Some gesture based technology is already in motion like mgestyk. Eventually most of the things we own will be somehow related to gesture based computing. Think about touch screens. Just a few years ago you could hardly find them. Now touch screens are on ipod touches, cell phones, cameras and computers! In just a few years touch screen technology took the world by storm. Now it is gesture based computed and AR's turn. It is time for us to stop seeing the present and look into the future: Augmented Reality.