Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Way to Play: The Mgestyk 3D Camera

A New Way to Play

(1) The Mgestyk 3D Camera is a new gaming system that uses no remotes just your hands. This camera combines the technology of a a computer, an eye toy, itunes, and you. With this camera you can drive a car, shoot a gun, or select music all on your tv. A good tribute of this camera is if your younger brother or sister walk in front of you it still want mess up your game. The camera also works just as good in the dark as it does in the daytime. You can also play two player with someone with another camera and can battle your friends. This is a new way to play and looks more fun then playing with a controller.

(2)Technology controls and runs the world today, and with out it nothing would be the same. Today everyone has a cell phone, ipod, or some handheld electrical device and with out it your day to day life would change completely.

Our Life with Technology


A) Our culture today is centered around technology and the advancement of it. Every day we use some type of technology that gets us through our day easier and organized. Almost every person in the United States gets on a computer every day, and most of them do not know to work it properly and safely. Many people are getting new jobs do to new technologies that are used all around the world. The United States is controlled by technology and controlled by computers, which brings a higher demand for computer programmers and designers . In today's society technology is an important and growing network.

B) In today's government all of the senators, governors and even president are on the Internet. They use it for advertisement and to get the word out of what they believe and are trying to do in the country. Most of the government is on the web and most of the work that goes on, you can find on the Internet.
This also can cause a trouble, because with today's technologies in people can put a fake picture of anyone and use it in a bad way. Politicians also have to be careful of what they put on the Internet because if they put or say anything bad on it, it can be sent all around the country in minutes. Many scandals have broken out over the Internet and have cause huge problems for politicians. Today's technology can help advertise for somebody, but it can also bring them down.

A New World with Technology

(4) With this new technology it will change the lay out of our homes and rooms. With the need of more room around tvs the living room will be changed dramatically. There will be no need for a coffee table, and couches will have to be rearranged to be in front of the tv. Even with all these changes they will be for the better. There will be no need for remotes for every thing you have, and all you need is your hands. Another good thing is with the advancement in 3D cameras we can now practice how to drive a car on the computer. So now teens can practice more and will feel more comfortable when they get on the road. This also can help for pilots who are learning to fly to learn all the controls in a real life situation. This will save gas and be more safe for new pilots. With all these new technologies coming out everyday there is an endless list of improvements of everyday life.

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